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Nav Construction has a top-rated team of concrete specialists serving northern Virginia. We create and install beautifully designed indoor and outdoor floors of stamped concrete in Woodbridge, VA and the surrounding areas. Call us at 703-789-5839 to learn more.


About Stamped Concrete Floors

Have you always dreamed of having a cobblestone walkway or mosaic kitchen tile but balked at the steep price tag? Stamped concrete can give you the floor of your dreams while staying within your budget.


You probably don’t think of concrete as an artistic medium, but that’s exactly what it can be. Stamped concrete involves coloring, shaping, staining, and stenciling wet concrete. Stamped concrete can also mimic other flooring materials, which is a key reason why it’s exploded in popularity.


Many people choose stamped concrete for outdoor surfaces such as decks, garages, or patios. However, indoor stamped concrete is growing in demand as more people learn about its durability, versatility, and design potential.

Advantages of Stamped Concrete Flooring

Stamped concrete offers a slew of benefits:

It’s economical

Compared to many other types of flooring, stamped concrete is more affordable per square foot.

It’s low-maintenance

Stamped concrete only requires regular sweeping to keep it clean.

It’s incredibly adaptable

Concrete lends itself to endless shapes, patterns, colors, and designs that can enhance your home’s architectural style.

It’s eco-friendly

Concrete production doesn’t destroy natural resources or consume high amounts of energy.

It’s quick and easy to install

Stone, wood, or tile flooring entails installing one stone or plank at a time. On the other hand, installing stamped concrete involves overlaying it all at once, so it typically takes less than a week to install.

It’s robust

Stamped concrete can withstand heavy foot traffic, temperature fluctuations, and scratches and dents.

It’s safe

Unlike wood or other materials, concrete isn’t as slippery. Concrete is also fire-resistant.

It improves indoor air quality

Concrete naturally prevents allergens along with mold and bacteria.

Stamped Concrete Installation

1. The Preparation & Installation are processes we take a great deal of care in doing right the first time. From setting the appropriate grades throughout the final curing process, our job is to deliver an Outstanding Experience and Superior Custom Project for You.

2. Setting Grades, Excavating and Framing are our viable steps. Making sure the slope of the grade is just right and then framing the project to give our customer a glimpse into how the final product will look. And once that's approved, we install a welded wire reinforcement and begin pouring your custom concrete project.

3. The coloring hardener application begins as the concrete begins to cure. Using a color hardener, which matches your selected custom color, we will ensure it gets deep into the concrete.Your base color may be integral to the ready mix concrete, based on your custom project!

4. After the color has been absorbed into you special project, we apply a release agent and the stamping process begins. A product of perfectly timed pressure to give the best appearance, the stamping procedure is what gives you the look you desire.

5. Once cured, we clean the surface and reveal the final look. more step...we seal all the surface to protect it from the harsh elements. We recommend resealing your investment at least every 2 years!

Stamped Concrete Floor Options

Stamped concrete can resemble any type of floor, no matter how luxurious or intricate. These are just a few examples of flooring we’ve created using stamped concrete:

Wood floors

We can fabricate farmhouse-style wood floors using stamped concrete to mimic wood, adding grain patterns, glosses, and stains.

Tile floors

We create tiles of every shape, color, and texture. Popular tile-style floors we’ve installed include porcelain, marble, terracotta, and mosaic.

Stone floors

Stone, wood, or tile flooring entails installing one stone or plank at a time. On the other hand, installing stamped concrete involves overlaying it all at once, so it typically takes less than a week to install.

What Sets Nav Construction Apart from Other Concrete Companies in Northern Virginia?

The Nav Construction team has more than 25 years of experience with residential, commercial, and industrial concrete flooring and is made up of the leading concrete contractors in Northern Virginia. We’ve built our company on the pillars of integrity, honesty, and respect. We’re proud to offer high-quality service at fair prices. Call us at (703-789-583) to book a free virtual or in-person consultation.


Professional Residential, Commercial, and Industrial  concrete services in Northern Virginia, Maryland,  Washington DC that you can trust.

With over 20+ years of experience, we understand the importance of listening to your needs and treating you with the utmost respect and honesty from start to finish.








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