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Stamped Concrete Patios

If you want to make your outdoor space more comfortable and appealing for relaxing, a stamped concrete patio is the way to go. It's a stylish and beautiful patio pavement option that can also use colors to create wood or natural stone-themed floor styles while remaining cost-effective. Other ideas for stamped concrete patios include:

  • Arizona flagstone

  • Brick basket

  • Grand Ashlar Slate

  • Old brick herringbone. 

Stamped Concrete Patio Northern, VA 

Nav Construction offers affordable and attractive stamped concrete patios for residential properties in Northern Virginia. Our experts have years of experience and can install these elegant patio floor designs in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and patterns. We are proud of our beautiful concrete patio installations, which are reputed to be among the best in Virginia. We can also customize your patio to any surface design you desire, whether it is to resemble your lawn or the roof of your house.

Stamped Concrete Patterns We Offer 

We can install any decorative pattern on the floor of your patio. We can handle anything from brick and wood to slate and a custom pattern. More importantly, because they are affordable, you can get your desired design and pattern without breaking the bank. The patterns we offer are listed below.

Grand Ashlar Slate 

This stamped concrete pattern is inspired by ashlar, a term for rectangular stones that resemble slate. It is made up of a variety of smooth-textured rectangles and squares.

Brick Herringbone 

The herringbone pattern has a spectacular V-shape and a unique zig-zag assembly of rectangles that look like the skeletal structure of a herring fish.

Arizona Flagstone 

Flagstone refers to various sedimentary rock types that combine to form a distinctive shape. Each rock type has sharp edges and corners but no definite shape. They are more beautiful than other patterns because they reflect natural, earthy colors.

Brick Basket 

If you want a more traditional red brick appearance on the floor of your patio, this pattern is for you. The herringbone brick pattern is another option.

Why Should You Go For Stamped Concrete Patios 

Stamped concrete patio floors have numerous advantages over traditional options such as wood and plain marble. For starters, you can have any design on your floor, and the options range from colors to patterns. Other advantages of using stamped concrete in your patios include:

Faster Installatio

Stamped concrete floors are easier to install because they are a concrete slab applied to the floor rather than brick or other floor types that require careful placement of each material on the floor.

Low Maintenance 

Unlike other patio floor types that require maintenance, stamped concrete is almost maintenance-free, requiring only annual sealing.


How much does stamped concrete cost? 

It is less expensive than wood, brick, or natural stone because it is applied as a slab. Creating or purchasing bricks, wood, and other patio materials one by one can be expensive, let alone installing them across every square foot of your patio. Given the numerous designs and patterns available from stamped concrete, the price is almost a steal.


Because concrete is strong and can withstand foot traffic or heavy furniture, stamped concrete patios are more durable than other patio floor options. You won't have to worry about your floor sinking because this flooring can withstand pressure for several years.

Fire and Slip Resistance 

Stamped concrete, as opposed to wood plank, is fire-resistant and suitable for outdoor cooking. When treated with a non-skid additive, it becomes slip-resistant.

Classy Outdoor Space 

Your outdoor space will appear fashionable and aesthetically pleasing to any first-time visitor. Concrete pavers will make relaxing outdoors more exciting and comfortable, in addition to improving the appearance of your outdoor space.

Our Stamped Concrete Installation Process 

The installation process is tedious, and we pay attention to detail to deliver excellent results. The process includes the following: 

  • The preparation process, which involves setting grades, excavating, and framing 

  • After framing, we will allow you to glimpse how the finished patio will look and wait for your approval. 

  • Once approved, we install welded wire reinforcement and pour the concrete.  

  • As the concrete begins curing, the coloring hardener application begins with the goal of matching a client's chosen color. 

  • Once the colors have settled on the concrete, we apply a release agent and stamp to achieve the desired design.

  • Following that, we clean the concrete surface to show off the finished product and apply a sealant to protect the patio's surface from the elements. Reapply sealants every two years for renewed surface protection and easier maintenance.

Can You Stamp Concrete on an Existing Patio? 

Yes, it's possible to apply stamped concrete to an existing patio and get the look you desire.

Is Stamped Concrete a DIY project?

It is impossible to DIY a stamped concrete patio; you must hire professional installers. You only have one chance to get the stamping right; one wrong choice or move can derail the entire project and send you back to square one.

Do You Want to Improve the Aesthetic and Comfort of Your Outdoor Space? Call on NAV Construction Today

When the weather is dull and dry, relaxing in your paved outdoor living space can be uninspiring and discouraging. With stamped concrete flooring, you can transform your home's exterior into a haven for relaxation, comfort, and dining.

At Nav ConstructionWe install colorful and elegant stamped concrete patios for residential properties in Northern Virginia . Because we strive for excellence in our work, our services are one-of-a-kind and dependable. We can also install any pattern and color you want because we value our clients' preferences and want the best for all of them.

Call us today at 703-789-5839, and our installation crew will be on their way to permanently transform your patio.

Benefits of Stamped Concrete Patios

Besides endless color and pattern options for a custom design, stamped concrete patios are superior over alternative materials like wood composite for the following reasons:

Benefits of Stamped Concrete Patios

Besides endless color and pattern options for a custom design, stamped concrete patios are superior over alternative materials like wood composite for the following reasons:

Fire Resistance

Wood is a flammable material, making it dangerous to have an outdoor kitchen on a wooden patio. However, stamped concrete is fire-resistant and perfect for cooking outside.

Exceptional Performance

We build stamped concrete patios to last, providing lovely outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining guests for years. The patio’s surface will not sink unevenly, and it can withstand heavy traffic and patio furniture.

Low Maintenance

Your patio is an outdoor living space, but you shouldn’t spend too much time on its upkeep. With a stamped concrete patio, you can have a luxurious outside living space that only requires sealing every other year.

Quick Installation

It will not take a long time for us to install a stamped concrete patio. Since the concrete goes down like a slab, the patio’s installation is faster than other materials like brick and natural stone.


Alternative patio materials can be expensive. You can achieve the same visual aesthetic at a lower price with stamped concrete.

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