Your home’s outdoor living space does not have to be dull. Give your patio a well-deserved upgrade with a fresh stamped concrete design. Your options are endless, and you can enjoy the outstanding durability of concrete while experiencing the charm and appeal of more expensive materials like brick and natural stone.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space With Nav Construction

Your patio is an extension of your home’s living space, and it is usable for at least three seasons of the year. Patios are prone to stains and water damage from improper drainage. Instead of settling for an unattractive, stained, or cracked surface, replace your concrete patio with an expertly installed stamped concrete design from our team.

Our stamped concrete patios are some of the best decorative concrete of Virginia. We can install them in any shape or size and add various colors, patterns, and textures to perfectly match other features within your home’s exterior design. Whether you prefer to match your patio surface to an existing pool surround or landscape design, we can accomplish the task!

Stamped Concrete Patterns
Would you like to have a wood, slate, or brick patio but do not want to pay high prices for materials? 
Our stamped concrete can replicate the appearance of multiple materials at a more affordable price. Our patterns include:

Stamped Concrete Installation

1. The Preparation & Installation are processes we take a great deal of care in doing right the first time. From setting the appropriate grades throughout the final curing process, our job is to deliver an Outstanding Experience and Superior Custom Project for You.

2. Setting Grades, Excavating and Framing are our viable steps. Making sure the slope of the grade is just right and then framing the project to give our customer a glimpse into how the final product will look. And once that's approved, we install a welded wire reinforcement and begin pouring your custom concrete project.

3. The coloring hardener application begins as the concrete begins to cure. Using a color hardener, which matches your selected custom color, we will ensure it gets deep into the concrete.Your base color may be integral to the ready mix concrete, based on your custom project!

4. After the color has been absorbed into you special project, we apply a release agent and the stamping process begins. A product of perfectly timed pressure to give the best appearance, the stamping procedure is what gives you the look you desire.

5. Once cured, we clean the surface and reveal the final look. more step...we seal all the surface to protect it from the harsh elements. We recommend resealing your investment at least every 2 years!

Benefits of Stamped Concrete Patios

Besides endless color and pattern options for a custom design, stamped concrete patios are superior over alternative materials like wood composite for the following reasons:

Benefits of Stamped Concrete Patios

Besides endless color and pattern options for a custom design, stamped concrete patios are superior over alternative materials like wood composite for the following reasons:

Fire Resistance

Wood is a flammable material, making it dangerous to have an outdoor kitchen on a wooden patio. However, stamped concrete is fire-resistant and perfect for cooking outside.

Exceptional Performance

We build stamped concrete patios to last, providing lovely outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining guests for years. The patio’s surface will not sink unevenly, and it can withstand heavy traffic and patio furniture.

Low Maintenance

Your patio is an outdoor living space, but you shouldn’t spend too much time on its upkeep. With a stamped concrete patio, you can have a luxurious outside living space that only requires sealing every other year.

Quick Installation

It will not take a long time for us to install a stamped concrete patio. Since the concrete goes down like a slab, the patio’s installation is faster than other materials like brick and natural stone.


Alternative patio materials can be expensive. You can achieve the same visual aesthetic at a lower price with stamped concrete.

Free Quote for Stamped Concrete Northern VA

Like most home improvements, installing a stamped concrete patio is a significant investment. As one of the leading concrete contractors in Northern Virginia, Nav Construction offers free quotes and no hidden fees on our services. We are so confident in our skills and services that we also offer a 10-year warranty on our work.

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The Nav Construction team is ready to work on your stamped concrete patio project. Instead of researching “stamped concrete near me,” give us a call at (703-789-5839) to begin your patio transformation.